Himla is not one style - it's all styles

For more than twentyfive years, we have lived by one simple idea. Himla is not a temporary style that quickly goes out of fashion, Our philosophy is simple, but difficult to copy. We create beautiful textiles of every room in your home. Most products are made of linen but we also work with other natural materials like wool, silk and cotton. Mix and match as you go along. That is how you invent your own, personal style.



Nearly 60 percent of Himla’s products are made of linen. This beautiful, and environmental friendly textile is both durable and with a high tensile strength. The Linen fiber has a smooth surface which gives the fiber soil-repellent properties as well as a high luster.

Linen is grown in relatively cold countries, therefore the risk of pests is not so great and the farms need less spraying. Fun facts about linen is that it has high absorption capacity and can absorb up to 20% of its own weight without feeling wet. We also work with silk, velvet and cotton to contrast.



Himla represents Scandinavian Simplicity. Our designs and products are based on simplicity with a foundation in the appreciation of colours, hues, and shades. Each new season we bring surprises that open up possibilities through our broad offerings and high quality prducts. Sometimes the collection and colours follows current trends, but not always. We might just as well introduce a wildly differing colour. Maybe that’s the secret behind Himla’s success. Perseverance. Wildfulness. Clarity. But most of all a sense of beauty in the colour of products, in styling and fabrics.

There are many stores today that offer pre-packaged home decorating concepts. At Himla we provide the foundation for the individual to create their own home decor style.

As inspirer and expert, we contribute to the soul of the Himla brand.