Your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time. Make your bed in your style, find your favourite sheet and finish your bedding with a bedspread to create a room for dreaming. 1. Bed skirt and headboard For a nice and harmonic setting, invest in a bed skirt and a headbord. It will affect your whole bedroom, giving it a lovely, cosy touch.  2. Duvet covers When choosing your bed linen, consider what you want to experience when slipping under the covers. While satin gives you that luxurious softness, linen provides a slighter heavier, cooler touch, and cotton envelops you in crispy freshness.  3. Cushions Increase your personal style with cushions. Use a lot of cushions in different sizes and materials for a nice feeling. You will get a beautiul bedroom when using a matching colour scale on your duvet covers, pillowcases, bedspread and cushions.  4. Bedspread and a wrinkled throw The bedspread is the important final touch when making your bed. Put a tight folded bedspread in the foot end of your bed and throw on a crinkled cotton throw, and you will instantly get a beautiful bedding. Or choose a hand sewn velvet bedspread for a more romantic style. Regardless which bedspread you choose, see it as the most important detail of your bedding.
Besides colours and structures, linen has a several characteristics you can use to create your own, personal style. The hanging makes a difference, but your choice of linen fibres, weavings and needlework details will also boost the result. One of Himla's favourite tips is to consciously experiment with tending. Wash, tumble-dry, iron and spray, and you'll get different outcomes. Wrinkles can be quite charming, while smooth, glossy linen makes a strict impression. Here's a guide to help you on your way!   Ten shades of whiteWhite linen fabrics with different structures are a goldmine when making a beautiful window. By using several lenghts in different shades of white, you can create a magnificent effect, looking so thoroughly planned no-one will realize what a simple arrangement it truly is.From månsten to safirTo give a room a special character, try working with linen in harmonizing colours. Be inspired by shades like aftonbris, onyx, lavendel, mother of pearl, rosewater, månsten and safir. Airy light and compact darknessThe best thing about linen is how easy you can create light effects by using different structures. While a thin straining-cloth works like a veil, letting the sunlight in, the coarser linen works like a screen, while offering more character and a slightly rustic style. By playing with structures, you can control the atmosphere of a room. HANG, DRAPE AND ROLL THE RECIEVE YOUR STYLE Urban and multi-functional Curtains with heading tape are extremely adaptable, and can be used around windows, as lounge drapes, or as wall decorations. You can easily change them back and forth; creating a lively, nice and tidy room. Timeless Eyelet headed curtains are durable, and easy to open and close. A course linen may create a masculine effect, while a lighter structure gives the room a modern, fresh lightness. Urban - but also rural, depending on your style in the rest of the room. Romantic/19th century The sequel to the historic curtain with ribbon tabs and valance is modern, romantic and smart, and works just as well in urban environments as on the countryside. Minimalistic Roman blinds should work best. A roman blind curtain is flexible, easily handled and comes in many pre-made sizes. Do you have an unusually sized window? We'll make your curtain to measure. Visit one of our concept stores, and we'll help you out. Ribbon tabs Everyone seems to like ribbon tab curtains - you put them up, and then they're just hanging there being beautiful. And what's not to like about sheer linen that lets light in? You can create a romantic style by letting the curtains cascade down on the floor, or a stricter impression by shortening them a bit. WASH, IRON AND WRINKLE TO CREATE YOUR STYLE Linen is a natural material with living fibres, whose qualities makes for a fabric that ages very well. They can stand pretty rough stuff and a lot of washings, but water and heat will have an effect on the fibres.  If you want to preserve your curtains' original quality - take them to the dry-cleaners. You can also choose to treat your linen differently, and create a whole new look.  CHANGE YOUR HOME WITH CURTAINS Here are some tricks to help you change your home or enhance a certain style. New curtains can be used immediately, without washing. Spray with water to get rid of any creases. Ironing the curtain will flatten the fibres, giving the linen a different structure. Linen can be washed in higher temperatures, but the fibres will change - they'll get a different, slightly wilder structure, giving the curtains a more casual, charming style. Do you prefer the bohemian, careless style? Wash, hang and enjoy the wrinkly look. Wash, tumble-dry and hang, and the wrinkles will be even more pronounced. Ironing your curtains after washing them will make them shiny, almost glossy and give them that crisp, starched look. The starched look will be even more emphasized if you mangle your linen curtains.
Young. Hip. With an unfailing sense of style, this innovation brings attitude and character. The Strip is our new, urban collection. Think of summer in the city. Glimpses of a starry sky. Moonlight. Gleaming asphalt. Fragrances of espresso and street food. Rays of sun falling on an inviting breakfast tray in bed. With a designed stripe running like a thin line of ink along the edges, The Strip brings a modern twist to the linen’s natural style. It’s quite striking. Let The Strip’s pillow cases, duvet covers and cushion covers inspire you to create a new style with depth and attitude. 
Himla launches a new ecommerce to meet the great interest from the Nordic market. With the transition, the ecommerce will be faster and with a strong focus on ease of use. - We noticed that both consumers and retailers were missing a lot of features in Himla’s first ecommerce, launched in 2014.  We want the visitor to get the same experience in our stores as in the sofa with their computer or mobile, says Erik Milbrink, Marketing and Ecommerce Manager at Himla. The new site is fully optimized for both mobile, tablet and laptop where our customers want to buy. Himla is distributed through various sales channels; dealers in Sweden and globally in the form of well-known department stores, boutiques, chains and external merchants and has four company-owned concept stores in Sweden. Ecommerce was launched in 2014 to supplement the physical stores and strengthen the presence in the Swedish market. As Himla is now further expanding globally they want the ecommerce to have the same capacity. - The launch of a new Nordic ecommerce is fully in line with our vision for 2020; growth through ecommerce and exports. This investment is carried out to meet the growing digital needs, able to act omni-channel and reach out to more markets. The customer must have an inspiring and pleasurable shopping experience, regardless of the sales channel they choose. We want to invest fully to be inspiring experts in textile and home furnishings, says Charlotte Axlund, Vice President and Board Member of Himla. Himla ecommerce has been developed in cooperation with carefully selected external partners; Uppsala-based success story Wasabi Web and reputed design agency BankerWessel. Simplicity, clarity and ease of use has been the focus of development. The Swedish home interior company Himla creates beautiful textiles for every room. Himla has for the past twenty years had the same simple idea; to be a source of endless inspiration, beautifying their customers' homes. Design and color schemes are designed by Himla and the concept of the brand stands for quality, color coordination and inspiring variety - everything from natural materials. The range includes products in the segments: Dining, Living, Bed and Bath.
HIMLA launches a unique collaboration with Daniella Witte Today, Himla's unique collaboration with the stylist and photographer Daniella Witte is launched in an exclusive event, where Himla has invited press and customers from all over Scandinavia to a press dinner that will take place at NIO RUM in Stockholm during Thursday evening. - In a constantly changing world, we wanted to make a new format this year, where we meet press and customers from all over Scandinavia. In addition, we are very proud to present a very unique collaboration with Daniella Witte! "said Charlotte Axlund, VP and Board member at Himla. The collaboration between Himla and Daniella Witte has been in progress during the spring and on social media, you have been able to follow the official hashtag with images #himlasignedbydaniella. - We chose Daniella to interpret Himla’s iconic products, based on her fantastic sense of interior and design. Himla offers a wide range of products with high quality for every room in your home. The collection is a perfect match to Daniella’s own decorating style” said Charlotte Axlund, VP and Board member at Himla.. Daniella Witte has not only styled but also photographed Himla’s segment, dining, living, bed, and bath. Her hopes are that consumers should be inspired by her pictures. - Himla has always been a source of inspiration and a high-end textile company. Too me, as a decorator, it is a dream come true to be working with high quality products in the most beautiful colour shades you can imagine. I knew it was perfect along with Himmel's Scandinavian simplicity, "said Daniella Witte, interior designer and photographer. The day after the launch of the cooperation, Himla has a press release and a collective display for retailers, and from August 26th, the launch will be in Himla's concept stores. For more information please contact: Mikaela Roxenmo Espinola, PR & Digital Communicator Telephone: +46 70-737399 Email:

Himla Spring/Summer Collection 2017

Today Himla's spring and summer collection premiered on and in stores.

Feels like summer in stylish linen

In the spring of 2017, Himla's collection celebrates summery senses of simplicity, happiness, and vitality. We have captured the depth, lustre, and warmth from positive emotions awakened with the natural light, the brittle beauty deepening into summer. We are now presenting fabrics that will bring your home to a new level. 

The Strip is new this spring. A collection that provides attitude and pleasant character, where the linen's natural styleis given a modern twist by a stripe that runs like a thin ink line along the edges. The collection is available in pillow cases, duvet covers and pillows.

Read more about the collection and how Himla's president and Creative Director, Annica Högström got her inspiration at